the perception of “GOODNESS”

Ever wonder why when “goodness” is mentioned we think of ones’ character? Me too. There are so many aspects of things in the world that we can call “good”. In the next few short lines I’m going to carry you to some “good” things that you may have never thought of as being “good”. Along with a few pic’s that I’ve sorted through that actually may or may not look “good” but with explanation, can look “good”.


Now that looks good…

Burgers and mangoes. Who would’ve thought to put them on the same plate? But the palette says “yes. oh yes!!”. The flavors are beyond imagination unless you’ve tried this wonderful combination. And yes it is “good”.



Sometimes the water feels warm, sometimes, not so warm. Sometimes it’s actually cold to us Bahamians. Do you think you could pick out which picture has the warmest feeling water? And believe me, it’s not always the weather that determines what the temperature of the water is at any particular time. Although we would and could determine that in the Summer time and on a sunny day the water may be warm. But sometimes you know it depends on the motion and direction of the tide and wind.




Look at the fire. Can you feel the warmth? Or is it “HOT”? Both scenes would be pleasurable and memorable and good in the right setting. Here in the Bahamas a beachside campfire is very relaxing and peaceful. Sometimes even comforting beneath a clear sky, listening to the sounds of the waves quietly rolling in.

A warm campfire by the campsite in the snow can sometimes be very much the same. I guess it depends on the weather for the colder fire. In any event you can “feel” good both of them can’t you? Snow and Fire photo by “Tall Sky Walker”(YouTube)

Look around for things you can describe as “good”. Goodness comes in all forms and in all the senses. Ever hear the phrase “looking good”? Seeing the good is pleasurable too. One patron once told his kitchen staff that “a customer’s perception becomes reality”. Just the look of some delicious foods make you feel good.


Find some “GOOD”…


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