Have you made any decisions about 2021 yet? Seems as though many have made a choice where to vote and what they would like to see change. Since we’re moving along I’d like to invite readers to join in on what they have in mind for 2021. No need to worry about subject matter we can go through an array of ideals so no-one gets left out. Feel free to enter into a garble of information and fun and life situations that someone may, by reading, be able to share some insight. Now don’t be shy.

Me oh my, I so much like scuba diving. I tested for my OWD certificate seems like a hundred years ago. In 2012, I buckled down to an AOW certificate. (Advanced Open Water). Story goes I went to the largest, but not most populated Island in the Bahamas called Andros to work at a new job. Not only a new job but a different type of employment…as a Chef. Seems odd but it was working at a Dive Resort. At that time it was considered one of the top 25 in this part of the world. Excellent diving and instruction. And the food was immaculate too. But of course, I was the Chef. Chef Lonnie…Haha. It was an unforgettable experience. The owner at this small but prestigious resort was an inspiration. He was always full of fun but well within protocol while diving.

I did all my written course work online and then asked the boss if I could get in my required 5 dives. He was more than willing to have a Chef that could dive too on his team.

This is where all the dive stocked equipment was kept.

Now, does anyone recognize this place?


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