Did I say “Happy”? Of course I did. Stay cued in for informational tips to help you survive this 2019 Hurricane Season. We’ll start with a Happy tip.

  1. Don’t get bothered with the hype of personal opinions.

a. What??? Don’t get the wrong impression. We should have a great concern when we hear that a hurricane has formed. we need to keep up to date on the statistics of every part of the hurricane. We need to know if it’s trajectory is assigned to a close point in our area.

The hype is unauthorized people getting everyone confused about what to do, where to go and who to listen to. Keep yourself informed by an authorized, reputable hurricane analyst. And, of course, a reputable weather and news station.

Oh, yes all those apps are good. But if data isn’t available, they’re not much good. Have yourself a battery radio on hand and know where your stations are.

Blue Skies for Now!!

Stay with us over the next Hurricane Season for more tips. And don’t feel shy to ask questions.