My Christmas Flower

What’s Special about Christmas? There are so many different people, places and things for everyone in the world. It wouldn’t be fair to place any one thought on any particular person that might justify a “Special Christmas” because there is so much diversity in the Season for each person.

I like flowers and taking photos. To my demise I don’t grow flowers and in recent days, I do very little photography. This photo is a favorite for me this time of year. I call it a Christmas Flower. We have red and green and definitely not in a pot.

Christmas should have no restrictions or boundaries. Just like a beautiful flower growing in the garden. But, someone’s help to nourish and water and love the flower never discourages growth. The type of life growth we desire must have the same attention. We can provide some of our own nutrients for growth but we still need good outside influences to grow. Here are a couple of influential ideas that might make Christmas a little more Special for you:

Praying, Loving, Giving, Socializing, Dinner Parties, Oh the Breakfast Party, the Snack Party, Sharing, A Kind Word, A Helping Hand…

You get the idea. Sometimes the smallest of good intentions will reflect a mirror image form the most unlikely situation.

Be kind to everyone you come across this Special Christmas.

Maybe the Special in Christmas is You!!

Now that Covid-19 has interrupted our lives, we make a special effort to wish everyone another Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Season’s Greetings to Everyone. Remember, you might be that bright and shining star in someone’s life this year. Make it happen!!