The Wet Season

Where? In the Bahamas? Don’t fret. Every flower needs a little rain to make the best look ever. Take some time to enjoy the rain.

Just a Beautiful Day!

Sometimes, it’s just a beautiful day here in the Bahamas. Look at that water…glistening clear and mirrorlike. No wonder so many visitors call it paradise. We could spend so much time on where to go and what to do but today we’ll relax in a hammock and watch the seagulls flying by and the occasional fish ripple the water.   Song by MIMIK

Be sure and visit my posts. Hopefully they will be more regular and informative these days.

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New Venue…”You”…

Whatever happened to “You”? Having issues reaching or finding yourself?

Let’s get into all that matters for you. Each and every individual deserves attention. So, let’s begin talking about “You”. And whenever you’re ready, we’ll spend the time that will satisfy your, “You”…So, Until you reply, I’ll be here waiting, Ready to listen.

In all sincerity, I wish I had thought of this sooner. And I will be here for anyone who just needs a friend. And the content is entirely up to you.

Lonnie…a Friend to everyone…