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Many years ago my family used to visit a well know touristy town in the Smokey Mountains. Because of the friendly atmosphere, we always noticed an increase in the amount of visitors. Of course they had novilties and trinkets you could buy and take home and really great food it always prevailed that their most admireable trait was their kindness and willingness to be nice to people. What does your area determine your re-visits from tourists?

Here in the Bahamas we must to embrace the avenue of sustainable revenue through tourism. Afterall, there are few avenues that will sustain revenue over years of time. With this in mind let’s look at some of the ammenities that the Bahamas offers:

  1. The Venue: Second to none and noticibly so:

Who wouldn’t want to relax on a pristine beach with this view?

Some of the best “home made” fast foods you’ll ever find!!

And cuisine beyond compare:

And sometimes they’re made fresh daily too…

Beauty in the trail mix:

Almost Natives!!

There are so many beautiful plants in the Bahamas. There are gorgeous trails and island adventures to visit. Many jst don’t realise the potential in generating an interest to this type of venue that people would love to come and see.

Seems that these days everyone has an opinion of their own about everything. Of course there’s nothing wrong with this because we have what we call freedom.

Express your views so everyone can see…


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