Did I say “Happy”? Of course I did. Stay cued in for informational tips to help you survive this 2019 Hurricane Season. We’ll start with a Happy tip.

  1. Don’t get bothered with the hype of personal opinions.

a. What??? Don’t get the wrong impression. We should have a great concern when we hear that a hurricane has formed. we need to keep up to date on the statistics of every part of the hurricane. We need to know if it’s trajectory is assigned to a close point in our area.

The hype is unauthorized people getting everyone confused about what to do, where to go and who to listen to. Keep yourself informed by an authorized, reputable hurricane analyst. And, of course, a reputable weather and news station.

Oh, yes all those apps are good. But if data isn’t available, they’re not much good. Have yourself a battery radio on hand and know where your stations are.

Blue Skies for Now!!

Stay with us over the next Hurricane Season for more tips. And don’t feel shy to ask questions.



    1. Hi Jacqui, Which season are you worried about? The Typhoon Season or the Hurricane Season? Typhoons from my knowledge are usually stronger and much more destructive. Even though Hurricane Dorian was devastating to say the least. I looked at Google and I see that there may be a few different seasons for each depending on where you are. Here, in the Bahamas, the hurricane season runs from June through November. Although that may sound like a long cycle, I think for the most part June is relatively less than busy for hurricanes here in The Bahamas. And it seems as though the latter part of the season most of the storms tend to drift North and then run away from land and dissipate in the colder North Atlantic waters. I think the key to a good vacation here is to just monitor the weather channels and look for a promising venture for a vacation. The window of opportunity is usually easy to interpret. Hope this is helpful and thanks for the chat…


  1. For the rest of you, Hurricane Dorian, here in The Bahamas, took it’s toll on Abaco and Grand Bahama. There was much news that was inadvertently misread and mis-communicated. There was enormous destruction and much loss of life. The stories that I have heard first hand could only be realized if you would have been there in person and witnessed the hurricane. I pray every day that these 2 prosperous and vigilant Islands. I hope they will make there way to a new beginning. I have many friends there and I know they need much help. I do also know there is a large efforts made from all over the world. Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. If you wish to help, there are numerous agencies that you can look into That are very trustworthy. Thanks to all who did help and all that will continue to help and to those who hop aboard one of the many helping ships, planes, boats and others in the future….


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