The Moon Tonight!!


All Photos by: Lonnie Johnson

Regardless of what you might think, the “moon” is mystical to many, at least. This shot of tonight’s moon is in the wanders of the clouds. It’s big, it’s engulfed, and it’s mystical. But that’s not all. Could it be a lover’s moon? Or is it the dreaded werewolf’s moon. Let’s take another look…


On this closer look it may just be the overlook of the blank sky with a big white dot in it. But what about those grays and and somber craters we see? Have you ever been at awe over just the moon?

Still, another look…


Bigger, closer and more beautiful as you get to the ever wonder of a creation that’s just that real. See the spots, see the craters, see the spatter of a collision. Is there any wonder that this is the “lover’s” moon? reaching out to claim its’ victim? Who will it be?

Search your demeanor to find the glowing radiance of your “moon”…

Tonight the moon is greatly visible and most gorgeous. I took these shots a few moments ago, and I have more of tonight’s moon. Tomorrow challenges and even more interesting landscape of the sky’s moon.

Be sure to visit this blog to see tomorrows adventuress photos of the “MOON”…



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